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Air Force Historical Weather Equipment Technical Data
This information was valid in 1980. It is presented to preserve technical information about USAF weather equipment for historical uses. All the information was created and printed by the government. It is not copyrighted. Oversize pages were not scanned.
Documents are large pdf files.
Publication Title
Equipment Designation
pages size
CDC 30250
Weather Equipment Repairman
Volume 2 chapter 1 Wind Measuring
25 pages 17MB
Volume 2 chapter 2 Humidity-Temperature Measuring
7 pages 6MB
Volume 2 chapter 3 Transmissometer
12 pages 10MB
Volume 2 chapter 4 Runway Visual Range Computer
31 pages 28MB
Volume 2 chapter 5 Cloud Height Measuring
24 pages 17MB
Volume 3
Principles & Maintenance of Weather Radar    
Volume 3 chapter 1-1 Analysis of Special Radar Components
AN/CPS-9, AN/FPS-77, AN/TPQ-11
cover through page 11 10 MB
Volume 3 chapter 1-2 pages 12 - 27 12 MB
Volume 3 chapter 2-1 Basic Radar and Weather Radar Technical Charactistics
AN/CPS-9, AN/FPS-77, AN/TPQ-11
pages 28 - 38 10 MB
Volume 3 chapter 2-2 pages 39 - 51 11 MB
Volume 5
AN/FPS-77 Meteorological Radar Set
Volume 5 chapter 1 Radar Circuit Analysis
41 pages 39MB
Volume 5 chapter 2 Radar Test & Troubleshooting
9 pages /9MB
Magnetic Amplifiers, Power Supplies, & Regulators     12 pages 8MB
Air Force Historical Weather Equipment Technical Orders
(all pages were not scanned)
TO 31M1-2FMN1-2A Computer Set Runway Visual Range AN/FMN-1
cover through page 2-8 12MB
TO 31M1-2FMN1-2B Computer Set Runway Visual Range AN/FMN-1
pages 3-1 through 3-10 5MB
TO 31M1-2FMN1-2C Computer Set Runway Visual Range AN/FMN-1
pages 4-1 through 4-15 8MB
TO 31M1-2FMN1-2D Computer Set Runway Visual Range AN/FMN-1
pages 5-1 through 5-29 14MB
TO 31M1-2FMN1-2E Computer Set Runway Visual Range AN/FMN-1
pages 5-30 through index 6 13MB
TO 31M1-2GMQ10-61 Transmissometer Sets
cover through 1-16 19MB
TO 31M1-2GMQ13-11 Cloud Height Set
cover through page 16 12MB
USAF Air Weather Service radar sites in the US.
AFM 52-8 Radar Circuit Analysis
pages size
Principles of Radar
5-1 thru 5-10 10MB
Waveguides & Cavity Resonators 10-1 thru 10-17 14MB
10-18 thru 10-34 13MB
Radar Antennas 12-1 thru 12-12 10MB
12-13 thru 12-28 13MB
Selsyns & Servomechanisms 13-1 thru 13-13 10MB
13-14 thru 13-26 10MB
STS302X0 Weather Equipment Repairman
Job Description/Certification
23 pages 16MB

A CDC or Career Development Course such as the CDC30250 was a correspondence course for Airmen who were upgrading their skill levels from apprentice to specialist. After graduating from the Weather Equipment School at Chanute AFB, Illinois, the Weather Equipment Apprentice (3 skill level) was expected to gain knowledge and experience to become a Weather Equipment Specialist (5 skill level) after six months on-the-job training (OJT). The CDC30250 had 5 volumes and was required to be completed in six months. This career field was one of few that had a required advanced 7-level school. Again at Chanute AFB, by then the 5-level specialists had years of experience already. The advanced course taught extensive electronics and math. Most of the course was detailed training on the equipment and vacuum tube and solid state circuitry. After completing the advanced course and 1 year of OJT, the Airman could be awarded the Technician 7 skill level.

Due to consolidation, parts of the weather equipment school was moved to the Navy schools at Great Lakes Naval Base.

Nimbus Max/Min Temperature measuring system Operating Manual set up, operation, computer interface 28 pages 10MB
Meteorological Monitoring Guidance for Reg Modeling Apps site met guidance 171 pages 1MB