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NexStorm 1.4 build 2358 [BETA]
« on: June 18, 2007, 01:03:39 AM »
Has anybody installed this yet and if so what kind of results?

NexStorm(tm) 1.4
Version: 1.4 build 2358 (incremental upgrade)
README file June 14, 2007

-- Prerequisites --

This incremental upgrade requires that you have NexStorm
version 1.2 or later installed.

Installation instructions:
Run the installation program nexstorm14U.exe. Verify
that the patch was installed correctly by opening the
NexStorm executable file properties sheet and checking
the version number, or by starting the program and
opening the About box.

-- The patch will modify the following files --
- NexStorm.exe (
- NexStorm Manual.pdf (edition 4)
- nxutil.exe (version 1.2)
- nxsplash.bmp (splash screen shown during program start)

-- What's new in version 1.4 --

Here is a brief summary of the news in this release. For
more details please see the user manual or the support forum.

1. Advanced, type differentiated strike rate graph [User manual p.40]
- New menu option dedicated to the trend graph
- Time intervals: a) 15, 30, 60 and 120 minutes and b) 4,8,12 and 24 hours.
- a) ganularity(*) is 20 seconds, b) granularity is 2 minutes
- Normal and stacked graph mode (toggle with F4 key)
- Graph data will persist through software restarts
- No upper strike rate measurment limitation
- Automatic, software-adjusted rate scale (vertical)
- Manually adjustable time scale (horizontal, change with F1 and F2 keys)
- 5-pass LaPlace smooth function that removes largest spikes and
  dips in the graph curve, provides for a visually better looking
  graph but will also affect peak accuracy. (F3 to toggle)
- Revised Data graphics dialog (found in Config dialog)
- New shortcut key to open graph settings, Ctrl+G

Graphs available in normal mode:
- Total strike rate
- Close strike rate
- Noise rate (optional)
- +CG, -CG, +IC and -IC rate (optional, not available with LD-250)

Graphs available in stacked mode (not available with LD-250):
- Stacked +CG, -CG, +IC and -IC rate

(*) granularity = time resolution and update rate

2. Adjustable Noise Ranging Assist effect, 3 levels plus OFF [User manual p.39]
- Use to fine tune the noise level-based close storm ranging
- Full effect is equal to the NRA being enabled in previous releases

Note: This new setting can improve close storm ranging in cases where
frequent noise is an issue, or serve as a primary ranging adjustment
mechanism within the detection range where noise becomes a factor.

3. SPARK Compact Lightning eXplorer export option [User manual p.54]
SPARK.CLX is a new Java app for mobile phones. NexStorm 1.4 comes with
the capability to upload a special compact data file dedicated to
SPARK.CLX. See forum, user manual and separate documentation for more
information about SPARK.

4. New stroke type detection algorithm (StormTracker only)
- The new algorithm has an expanded strike signal wave shape signature analysis
  with over 30 parameters being analyzed (in contrast to 15 in previous releases).
  It is also capable of detecting lightning types that cannot be shown in the NexStorm
  1.x series strike distribution table, for instance Narrow Bipolar Events (NBE),
  occasional long range Trans Ionospheric Pulse Pairs (TIPP's) and leaders.
  All of these events will in the current NexStorm release be shown as IC
  strokes (which is essentially correct anyway).

- NexStorm 1.4 will serve as a test platform for the new algorithm which is later
  going to be reused in the 2.x series of the software.

5. Various Internet shortcuts added in the Help menu

-- Bug fixes in version 1.4 --

- Fixed asin domain error in Nighttime ranging upshift for latitudes
  near the poles

- Fixed strike and noise sound test which would work intermittently on some systems.

-- Other notes --

- Added "Ignore uncorrelated strikes" shortcut key (Ctrl+I) and selectable
option under the Map pop-up menu.

- Communications loss handling for the LD-250 has been improved. It has been
  determined that the underlying cause for this problem is hardware related on
  two different levels:
  a) The LD-250 firmware has a confirmed bug in it that will cause the device to
  occasionally drop the connection with the PC for about 30 seconds.

  b) With the Boltek USB retrofit kit, if the PC USB port is V2.0 but the installed
  drivers are for USB 1.1, this may cause lengthy or irrecoverable connection losses.
  Make sure your USB is using the appropriate drivers and upgrade your system if

- This installer will delete the Uninstall folder from the Astrogenic Systems\NexStorm
program group. Uninstalling is done via the Add/Remove programs Control panel
applet instead.

(c)2007 Copyright Astrogenic Systems. All Rights Reserved.

NexStorm and StormVue are trademarks of Astrogenic Systems

Web site:

Cape Coral, Florida

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Re: NexStorm 1.4 build 2358 [BETA]
« Reply #1 on: June 18, 2007, 07:42:01 AM »
Works great Chris. Have been running it for over a month now.  :wink:

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