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Bought it
« on: May 14, 2007, 03:33:04 PM »
For the past 5 or so years we have been running Weatherview 32 and when 7 came out we paid for the upgrade only to find that it wasn't that much of an upgrade. Nothing really new was there after waiting several years since V6. So I convinced my department to buy VWS as the best choice to maintain our presence on the university website. We also bought the sql module and downloaded the free php module. We have insurance agents here in town as well as administrators here on campus that need past weather data. Everyone is jazzed and bugging me to get it online. Now all I have to do is transfer over 5 years of data from WV32 to VWS. However, I found out that we can't do that as there is no import into VWS even if you have a CSV file. That is a big weakness. I do not plan to dump all that data and start over. Has anyone gone through this scenario ? Can I use the sql and php modules to present my past data ? We are running a Vantage Pro 2 Plus

Gary Oldham had an excellent article here on the forum about the different software packages for weather stations. I would like to add on a couple of things.

Weatherview 32 V7

Weakness - Long time before updates, No UV dial or info for webpage or main display, No way to set up web page for remote users to query database, occasional misreport of rain, manual is a rehash of V6 manual.

Virtual Weather Station

Weakness - No import for a CSV or any file of past data, Wants to synchronize the computer to the weather stations clock and should be the  other way around,

I think VWS with all the extra modules surpasses WV32 in flexibility

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