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Ongoing Coding Project w/ MetPy
« on: April 21, 2023, 12:56:41 AM »
Been working on a little project using MetPy that I eventually want to turn into a webhosted data viewer. Admittedly I am a total novice with python and web dev/file transfer but hope to one day do something like that with this. Really just a simple station plot when it comes down to it. Probably a multipage thing with a legacy ASOS style display as linked below. Couldn't be too hard, right? There really aren't any pre-made software packages that do what I want to do. Reckon it was reason enough to do it myself.

My main inspiration was the live data feed from the TTU StickNets for PERiLS. I'm kind of obsessed with the near real time mapping and automated plot functionality of the program.

And linked is ideally what my station will display on the site along side the station plot and perhaps RAP mesoanalysis parameters. (Not sure whether it would be worth the clutter.)

I know some absolutely detest the barebones "only information" layout but it's personally preferred. Always have had an inclination toward legacy tech.

Map Plot w/ time stamp:

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Experimenting a bit with the console output, not sure what purpose this serves but just something cool to look at on the desktop.

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