Author Topic: Acurite 5 in 1 with Lightning detector 06045 not showing strikes on display  (Read 901 times)

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We are new to our 5 in 1 Iris weather station,  since new everything but the Lightning strikes are working fine both the display and WU.   We have been sent 2 Lightning detector units as replacements and still the display is not showing strikes.

On the detector we see the green flashing light,  but last night we had some fairly good strikes and we saw the detector flash yellow a couple of times... (which indicates interference) and then we had several red flashes across the top of the detector (which says it's seeing lighting strikes) but the display does not show any strikes.  On my phone My Acurite I see a green bar next to the top right corner and Acurite Iris and the temp wind speed and amount of rain is showing fine.

The next panel down I have a red bar next to the top left side where is says Lightning Tower but the display has not changed since new and I am guessing it is saying it is not communication with the display... but the detector seems like it is doing everything correctly and sending signal ... I am guessing that with the green flashing it is telling me it is sending (and or communicating) with the display unit.  Our lightning detector is only about 20' or less from the display and the battery level shows Normal in the application... but it just does not seem that the display is either seeing the signal?  We have been dealing with this since Nov 2022 :-)