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« on: November 03, 2022, 01:43:54 PM »
After three years it may be a good idea to announce CumulusUtils as another CumulusMX tool for a website on this forum.

The software can be found here, The documentation can be found in the Wiki. For practical reasons support will mostly be given on the Cumulus forum.
It can be used as the basis for a website or it can be attached to an existing website.

CumulusUtils is a website tool for the amateur meteorologist who is less interested in computer technology, at least less interested to start with. It requires configuration and not programming skills. It generates modules - partial content - for website pages. The generated site can be seen operational on my site.

The tool is not 'a single shot have everything running' tool, it requires some understanding and thought about what you want and need to configure.

Read the Wiki, it functions as a manual (and please feedback if you think it is in error or incomplete).

The principal functionalities are:

The other modules are:
  • (Climate) Graphs (Rain, Temperature, Wind, Solar - when available - and Miscellaneous);
  • YADR Yet Another Dayfile Reader (subset of all data);
  • Records, Day records and a top10 record list;
  • A system info page.
  • A Map showing Cumulus(utils) installations
  • NOAA reports
  • Forecasts
  • User Reports
  • Station Map (only useful for larger monitors)
  • Air Quality with a Table View and Graph View
    (for the Davis AirLink and any device which responds to the webinterface of the AirLink e.g. the AQM III)

NOTE: The charts are a principal feature of CUtils and are based on the data supplied by CMX. However modules only based on the static data as pwsFWI or records can be used with C1 as well.
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