Author Topic: include-wxstatus.php (1.13) and GR3 status problem  (Read 246 times)

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include-wxstatus.php (1.13) and GR3 status problem
« on: May 01, 2022, 08:33:29 AM »
I just noticed today that my weather station status page at was no longer reporting the status of my GR3 images... Looking through an older version of the include-wxstatus.php page showed me one change in the section that does the GR3 check:

v1.13  Line 167:
Code: [Select]
if(substr($GR3file,0,1) !== '/' and file_exists($GR3file)) {
My old file:
Code: [Select]
if(file_exists($GR3file)) {
If I either change the check to =='/' or revert to the previous, it works again.. Was the bang a typo or is one of my settings wrong? For now -- I've removed the bang from the code.
I have
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$SITE['GR3DIR'] = '/GR3';in my Settings.php


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Re: include-wxstatus.php (1.13) and GR3 status problem
« Reply #1 on: June 08, 2022, 07:58:26 PM »
I also have the same issue with my radar not showing as well. I tried to revert back but it tells me to update to version 1.13.