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Newbie help please.
« on: January 31, 2022, 10:17:15 AM »

I have built a version 1.1 circuit on an Arduino development board and it seems to work. I have all Oregon Scientific protocol 3 sensors. these are Wind (on the roof), rain (in the driveway and three temperature/humidity sensors (driveway, in house and greenhouse).  I have the Arduino connected to a small HP PC running windows 7 and the WSDL software. There is a 10 metre SMA extension to the outside of the house (driveway) and a SMA antenna there. The sensor in the greenhouse is also connected to an external antenna.

I'm having problems picking up the rain and temperature sensors.

The wind sensor is discovered immediately and works perfectly (channel 1). The greenhouse sensor (channel 2) gets discovered but then drops out. The driveway sensor (channel) and indoor sensor (channel 3) are not seen at all.

The Arduino sketch I'm using is version

While watching the message panel I noticed that the board announces itself as a version 2 board. This means that stuff not on my board is being initialised.

Am I using the wrong version for this board ?

Why does it say it's a version 2 when I built a version 1 ?

Any help would be much appreciated as I seem to be going around in circles here . . . . . . .


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