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CWOP Registration Issue
« on: November 27, 2021, 06:38:31 PM »
New here so this may have been covered in a previous topic/discussion and if so apologies. When I first registered with CWOP a couple of years ago and didn't really know what I was doing I mistakenly used insufficiently precise coordinates. When I began sending my data via WiFiLogger2 I input the coordinates for the exact location of the station in Weather Station Setup. This resulted in an inconsistency between my CWOP registered location and my APRS location of ~1.4mi which contributed to my wind vector data failing MADIS qc analysis (L3: spatial consistency). I attempted to change my registered location to match the APRS location to no avail via and in the end gave up and re-registered with CWOP using a different email address on 11/20/21. My new callsign appeared immediately in findu ( and everything looks right there. I've double checked to make sure that I am sending valid packets and they are indeed being received. However, when I search the CWOP members list for my callsign it does not appear. Instead it shows up on the list of unregistered stations and I'm wondering if anyone can give me an idea of how long I can expect to wait before my callsign displays on the list of registered stations and I get an associated CWOP weather station webpage. To clarify what I'm referring to, the page for my now defunct previous callsign to which I am no longer sending data is here:

Addendum: I gather that is probably not the place to look for MADIS qc info. Does anyone know about how long I can expect for my station to show up on the MADIS surface map, NOAA obs map or Mesowest map? Or how long it will take for my station to be officially registered in CWOP? I'm a novice user at best and any info would be greatly appreciated.

Addendum 2: WRT to the MADIS qc analysis for wind vector not working, my former callsign (FW6289) received a solid 2 thumbs down which I can't imagine wasn't exacerbated by the registered vs APRS location discrepancy. However, a CWOP station located 2mi SW of my location has a 1 thumb up rating ( so I assume that it works at least good enough which is all I'm looking for.

PS I know that my sensors are calibrated correctly and working OK as my station is located ~1.5mi from a nearby airport station and there is excellent correspondence across all measured parameters between my station and the airport (BLI) station.

Update: My new callsign now shows up in the members list ( as of 11/29/21 but is shown as inactive and unregistered. Does anyone know how long I can expect until the station is active/registered?
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Re: CWOP Registration Issue
« Reply #1 on: March 03, 2022, 06:29:20 PM »
I had some issues long ago with location, so I contacted someone at CWOP email, and they quickly corrected it.   They were very quick, efficient, and helpful.

CWOP information here:

As for the wind issue at Gladstone, it has been something that affects most everyone and I have not seen anyone with an answer since to the best of my knowledge no one here is related to that site's software.  I looked at the CWOP map and at what appeared to be a mast on a building. 

Is this the correct place?

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Re: CWOP Registration Issue
« Reply #2 on: March 03, 2022, 06:41:14 PM »
I too recently registered a new station through CWOP, and went through the same issues you are facing. I emailed them and they said due to high requests and short staffing, they were getting to things as they could. My station finally went to becoming an 'active' member after I emailed them (and after about 2 weeks after my initial new station request was sent their way).

My station has been submitting data for over a month now and it still seems like CWOP is having issues, because it still says there is insufficient data to perform day/night analyses on my weather parameters for making sure things are calibrated correctly (which I know they are even though it shows some things off).

I also have two thumbs down for both CWOP stations I have, and I think this is because both of my locations receive much higher winds than surrounding locations because I have great sites for our general area for wind readings (open land with long distances to any obstructions compared to most stations in my area which are in the thick trees).

After being registered for over a month now and my station location is still not showing up correctly. Not sure what is taking them so long to place my station on the map in the location with the coordinates I provided, but after 3 emails and the same response of "we're working on it", I figured I'd just leave it alone and hope someone gets to it at some point.

My CWOP station I'm referring to is here
My original CWOP station before I moved is still uploading and is found here

Maybe send CWOP support a quick email with your concerns to see what you get for a response and if they can speed the process along a bit for you. It won't hurt any.

Best of luck!
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