Author Topic: Powerful console that can sample and upload your data to server by WIFI Ethernet  (Read 1569 times)

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    I've been browsing this forum for months.
    Many of us may be looking for a wifi router, ethernet logger, data storage.
    I am introducing our data logger with display that be be customized to be compatible with all sensors in the world.
    Attached is introduction for your info.
    I list couple features of it as followings for your info.
    It can upload data to your server or platform.
    It can store data in internal storage or TF card
    It can upload data to WUnderground
    It can display realtime data
    It can display historical graphy
    It can trigger alarm once measured data exceed limitation value
    It can help you debug your sensors remotely
    It can be customized to suit sensors manufactured by others[/li]
I attached introduction for your info, more details can be found on our website below
Anyone who is interested in our weather console, please send message to me.
We also have all-in-one weather station sensors.
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