Author Topic: Weather cam to monthly calendar style web page?  (Read 210 times)

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Weather cam to monthly calendar style web page?
« on: April 21, 2021, 05:32:28 PM »
I am looking for either a hosted solution or local software that will let me pull in image from a weather sky cam and post them with a thumbnail image of the noon conditions on each day of a calendar, then allow you to click that day to see a timelapse of the full day's weather video, then back out to watch a timelapse of the full month and full year for the seasons changing.

I believe that Weather Underground offered pieces of this functionality in the past, but no longer reliably support skycams as I see discussed in this and other forums.

I have a roof mounted Vivotek fisheye camera that nicely captures the day and night sky.  Using the Sebectec  IPTimelapse software to FTP images to Weather Underground including night time "stacked" images that decrease the noise and let you see some stars worked years ago.  I can readily store the capture images locally, but would really prefer to make them more accessible for others to view, while minimizing the need to open up ports on my servers for potential hacking.

I would pay for a reasonable amount for a hosted solution (this is for home hobby use), or purchase additional software.

Below is a sample of the image from one of my cameras for two days this week.  Quite a range of weather activity to watch!

Any suggestions for display options?

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