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Weather as therapy
« on: January 24, 2021, 09:12:42 AM »
That feeling!
Right before the rain, the feeling you get when you can smell the rain on the wind.
That first golden morning when you know that Spring has arrived, and you know the days ahead are going to be warm.
Sitting by a window watching the snow falling. A warm beverage in your hand, feeling safe and comfortable.
How can weather be calming?
When you immerse yourself in the knowledge of weather, you no longer look at one day and hold that as your emotion.
A gloomy rainy day no longer brings you down.
A sunny day makes you look forward to the next change!
I know this because I live it!
One day is never enough.
When look at today, you look at the possibilities of tomorrow.
No two days are ever alike, and each day brings a new perspective.
I am here and looking forward to helping you connect with the inner peace that weather observation can bring.

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