Author Topic: LaView cameras (cheap at Menards) how to view locally  (Read 415 times)

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LaView cameras (cheap at Menards) how to view locally
« on: December 02, 2020, 12:51:21 PM »
I saw a $15 web type camera from a company called LaView at our Menards (big box DIY store) and got one.

After a bit of futzing around, I got it to register with their servers, and get actually a pretty sharp 1080 HD type picture from it.  It connects only via 2 Gig WiFi,and the only way I can see the picture is to go to their app on my phone and view what I am sending to them.  The night vision is also impressively sharp for something this cheap.

Of course, I want to push the boundaries further.  I don't want to send stuff over the internet, nor have them get a video stream of what I have my cameras pointed at.  (side story, a friend bought the pan-tilt version of the same camera, did the quick and dirty setup and had it pointing in their living room.  Sister in law stopped over, was visiting, got up to leave and the camera made some buzzing sounds and tracked her as she walked out of the room.)

I don't see the camera, per name, identified in my router's WiFi table for the 2 Gig band.  I unplugged it and rescanned the connections and found an IP address.  When I pointed my browser to it, I got the error unable to connect.  I think that it was with both the 80 and I found some google search to 3333 and 8888 for possible ports, so I tried them, too.

For giggles, I used my SADP from HikVision to look for cameras on my LAN and got nothing.  I tried putting in the address for the camera there, too, and got nothing.

Has anyone found a way to keep the camera outputs localized to their LAN and yet be able to see their outputs?  I'm not talking about alt-az control, just see the output video stream?

Looking for thoughts or perhaps my google search phrase is goofy but there isn't a lot of investigation into how those work or are accessible.  Dale

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Re: LaView cameras (cheap at Menards) how to view locally
« Reply #1 on: December 02, 2020, 02:15:37 PM »
If you want to try and pull a still shot then try this (example using as the IP of the camera):

You can find more commands here:

This may or may not work.....because some manufactures change what options are available depending on model. You may need to find other resources on the Internet. But is among one of the best and that is where I always start.
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