Author Topic: Odd unit/decimal values with Ecowitt soil moisture sensors  (Read 171 times)

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Odd unit/decimal values with Ecowitt soil moisture sensors
« on: November 07, 2020, 11:08:01 PM »
So, I got things set up and mostly working, but there is some kind of odd data conversion error happening.

Here's the copy/paste of my moisture sensors using the test driver (all looks normal here):
soilMoist1: 51, soilMoist2: 29, soilMoist3: 21, soilMoist4: 43, soilMoist5: 26, soilMoist6: 41, soilMoist7: 44, soilMoist8: 35

What I get in the front end, though, is this (notice the cb vaues vs the 6 decimal point values):
Peas   51 cb
Azalea   29 cb
Locust   21 cb
Clematis   42 cb
Fuscia   26.000000
Dogwood   41.000000
Hilltop   44.000000
Blueberries   35.000000

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!!

Edit: Further looking, it seems like the default group_moisture lists members soilMoist1-4 (per, I'm wondering if I somehow need to modify that group to include the extra 4 sensors?
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