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Uploading data to
« on: October 23, 2020, 05:26:12 PM »
I know this has probably been addressed before(I tried search, but it didn't help), but do I send my windy-generated api key to, and if so, how?  ](*,)
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Re: Uploading data to
« Reply #1 on: October 23, 2020, 05:48:31 PM »
Ambient Weather hardware by itself does not have the capability to upload directly to But there are several ways to accomplish this.

Ambient sensors ---> Ambient console ---> ---> ---> CWOP ---> MADIS ---> Windy
(you only need to configure up to CWOP and send registration confirmation to be included in MADIS, then Windy will automatically pull from MADIS)
This method requires no purchase of any hardware/software. You are just using existing free services. It will be delayed a bit.
This method is not direct as you can see. You actually don't even create a Windy account. Windy just automatically pulls all CWOP/MADIS systems into their network.

If you want to upload directly to Windy which is better and more timely for your data then you can add hardware/software to your existing system.
Ambient Sensors ---> Ecowitt GW1000 ---> (some device running 3rd party weather software from list below) ---> direct to Windy using your Windy API key.

3rd party software (in alphabetical order):
- Cumulus MX
- Meteobridge (I recommend the WeatherBridge from Ambient instead of DIY Meteobridge - same thing)
- Weather-Display
- WeeWX

All of these software can directly upload to Windy.
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