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CWOP Dropping Data Packets
« on: August 25, 2020, 09:35:09 PM »
After upgrading my server over the weekend, CWOP now seems to be receiving and/or dropping random data packets at intermittent intervals.  All of my software and processes worked like a clock before this upgrade.  The only thing that has changed is my server is now running an upgraded operating system.  Nothing else was altered. 

The attached text file shows what the last hour looked like, but is very typical of what I've been experiencing since going back live on Sunday. I have an Ambient WS-2902A and I'm using the Ambient APRS Python3 package to retrieve, format & send my data packets every 5 minutes from a Linux Centos 8 server.  My send logs keep firing off every 5 minutes like clockwork without any socket errors, so the problem isn't the station, or Ambient.  Also, the missing packets don't ever show up in the CWOP faulty packets list online, so I'm assuming they are being received and are correct - but maybe not?

Looking for some assistance, or advice...  Thanks in advance!