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weewx-Weather34 Update
« on: July 30, 2020, 12:50:07 PM »
Version W34-HC-IMJD-2.0.0

1. New air quality modules (US/Global AQI and UK/DAQI) for the top row and an updated main air quality module. These all rely on you using the new default extended database schema which includes records for particle concentrations. You must have an air quality particle detector which is able to populate these fields. There are Highcharts setup to plot particle data concentrations. These new modules are selectable from the settings page.

2. Cloud Coverage. Cloud coverage is displayed in the current conditions module expressed as % and oktas(eighths). There are Highcharts set up to plot % coverage. The cloud coverage is measured from satellite images and is adapted from a method proposed by David Marshall.

3. For Geographical European users only, Meteoalarm weather alerts. The warnings are flagged in the advisory top row module which has a hot link to a pop-up window showing the full detail. Up to four different warnings for a location can be displayed in the pop-up window. Again thanks to David Marshall for this proposal. All settings are contained in the web services section of the setup page. I am keen to expand this idea for other parts of the globe. As I am not familiar with warning/advisory services in other places, I am open to any users' contribution of working code which fits in with the Weather34 design.

4. Connections to a remote server. Thanks to Jerry Dietrich, a more robust method of connection to a remote server has been written into the code. Please see separate instructions for setting up a remote server.
5. Additional Highcharts from Jerry Dietrich include twin wind rose, wind Hays chart, cloud coverage, air particle concentrations, improved radial charts.