Author Topic: Anyone using the HLK-RM04 TCP IP Ethernet Converter Module Serial UART RS232 ?  (Read 93 times)

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I read about this board and it made a lot of sense to use just easily run Cat5 from a more remote serial device to a router, or if it worked, even more conveniently the WiFi version.

I ordered a HLK-RM04 of the plain type, with no U2 chip on it, and then the full blown, WiFi version, with the chip and a little antenna.

The company provides a very long .pdf to go with it, mainly telling how to use the AT commands.

This seems to talk more about the optional plug in chip. There is no basic board layout diagram, nor to tell what the two little pushbuttons do, but seem to be related to the WAP WiFi setup.  There are a bunch of IP addresses listed, so having plugged in the Cat5, and getting some blinking lights on the module version, I tried accessing them, all with no luck.  The HiLink site offers two downloads, one to 'discover' the boards on your network, and another to configure the boards.

The Discover module finds no listed devices.  I tried a different patch cable.  I tried a different port on the switch and even to the router.  No luck.

Thee were notes is semi-English about resetting the module to a factory mode by holding a RST pin to ground for some time, but I was not sure if that applied to the module or the board.

Since the board is sold without the WiFi module, I assumed that if one wanted to just use the board to hook this up to have it go from RS232 to Ethernet, that would be all one would need.

I've tried the bare board.  i've tried the WiFi module-installed version of the board.  Since the discover program finds no boards (either one when individually attached) I tried pluging in the ethernet cable, the hub light comes on, then go to the router to see what devices are attached, and the count of attached devices does not change, nor do I see a new MAC device or IP address show up.

It is a great idea, and I hope that this actually works.

Has anyone been able to use one of these boards in any setting, and are there some pitfalls or additional config things I need to do for me to 'see' the board on my LAN?

Is it possible to use this board in both versions, one plain and one with the WiFi module on board?