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If you have a weather station that lets you modify the upload destination for Weather Underground upload protocol then you can upload to

Although I used an Ecowitt GW1000 to perform these tests, you could use other hardware/software as long as it lets you modify the WU upload protocol. This doesn't always mean that you lose out on uploading to WU if you are able to have more than one upload instance or configured setting as in the GW1000.

This was more of a test to see what works and what doesn't. I recommend using one of the first four options on the table below. The is a carryover still supported since was in a previous life. Good to see that probably some old software that was designed for will probably still work. The IP addresses are just a few of the results you get from doing an NSLOOKUP (I didn't test all the IP addresses but I'm sure that they will all be the same).

Server address  Path    Success  YES54.230.75.12/pwsupdate/pwsupdate.php?  YES54.230.75.12/weatherstation/updateweatherstation.php?  NO13.249.125.91/pwsupdate/pwsupdate.php?  NO  NO
* Yes, the question mark at the end of the path is required. The underlined URL is just because this forum decided to hyperlink some and not others.

Some additional requirements:
Protocol Type: WU
Station ID: <your station ID>
Station Key: <your login password>
Port: 80
Upload interval: 60 seconds or greater

How frequently can you upload to PWSWeather with the GW1000?

Also can you upload directly from the HP2551?

I really hate having my PWSWeather uploads go through Ambient's website. It's too slow and it only gets what Ambient receives from my console, which isn't as good as what WU receives since the updates are more frequent.

Max upload rate to PWSweather is 60 seconds. Both the HP2551-C and the GW1000 can upload directly via the "Customized" server upload feature. But this feature only allows you to select one destination. Each console still retains the ability to upload to WU, WeatherCloud, MetOffice WOW, and and doing so to all of them at the same time. It is just that there is only one instance for the "Customized" server upload.

The "Customized" server upload feature has a lot of uses. But you'll have to pick just one use for it. Some of these are:
- PWSweather
- WeeWX
- or some other less know projects and scripts that people have cooked up.

With both a GW1000 and an HP2551-C then each has its own "Customized" server upload and so having more than one console as these can open more possibilities. But in some cases you don't even need a single one of these "Customized" server instances. For example run Cumulus MX, Meteobridge, or Weather-Display you don't even need this "Customized" server upload, as they get data from the GW1000 via its local network API and then you can use any of these software to upload to PWSweather and a multitude of other places.

Any one of these solutions is better than uploading to PWSweather via

Ok thanks for the answers galfert.

I just ordered a GW1000 and will start from there. It's my first move into Ecowitt hardware; probably won't be my last but we'll see.

I really do like AWnet for most other things though. I like seeing the inches per hour of rainfall and the wind of different stations when a storm is over my area. It's not as fast as WU but the interface is nice.

I got my GW1000 today. Tiny little sucker. In any event, I set it up to send data to PWSweather and that's when I got my education on PWSweather.

Even though you can send updates to PWSweather every 60 seconds, they don't display updates but every five minutes.

So says their faq:

"We utilize a Content Delivery Network for performance purposes across all pages. This ensures fast load times, resulting in a better experience for our users. New observation data is retrieved every 5 minutes regardless of station update intervals."

I guess I was under a false assumption about their site. Now that I know, their site doesn't seem as useful to me. Also, kinda hate that they don't display wind direction graphs.

I do like the GW1000, so I may use the customized server option for another site.


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