Author Topic: Do i need to re install Weewx for wunderground to work after Pi-hole uninstall?  (Read 164 times)

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I recently had everything working good. Weewx on my Pi 4 was sending my acurite weather info to my wunderground account perfectly. The problem i ran into was that i was also running Pi-hole on the Pi and it was giving me a lot of network issues so i uninstalled it. Ever since then my wunderground account says Offline constantly. Its weird though because the wunderground app works fine on my phone. It updates every 30 minutes and is accurate. Is having uninstalled Pi-hole some how messing with weewx or is the wunderground just crap now? I gave up hosting a camera on their site as they seem to be useless when it comes to responding to peoples problems.

I am not very IT gifted so i would hate to have to re do weewx and test my luck getting it to work again. Is any one else having issues with their weather station being offline on the web browser but working fine on the app?

My wunderground station is KNVLASVE478

Is there a command in the terminal i can go and check to make sure my PWS hasn't had the station ID or password messed with?
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My guess would be that the DNS settings on the Pi were using Pi-hole, and now need to be pointed at your router or a free service such as  /etc/resolv.conf is a common place for DNS resolver settings, but YMMV.....
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WU Gold Stars for everyone! :lol:

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Thanks for the suggestion. I ended up just re installing Pi OS and weewx. Everything is back to reporting on wunderground.