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Unofficial Trello board for PWSweather - Issue Tracking

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I've created an unofficial Trello board to aggregate various issues (bugs and feature requests) for the new PWSweather website.

Please continue to submit feedback directly to PWSweather via their website support link as this is not monitored by PWSweather.

Adding cards to the Trello board or submitting feedback on this forum is no guarantee that PWSweather will be informed of the issue you are having. The purpose of the Tello board is to have a place where users can see issues (and comment on them) that other users have hopefully submitted already to PWSweather for consideration. There is also a voting system in Trello where I encourage everyone to vote on those issue that matter to you most. This voting system helps gauge user interest in the particular issues that matter most. The more votes an issue gets the more likely that the color severity will be changed, and hopefully PWSweather might poke their heads in and take notice.

PWSweather Unofficial Feedback Tracking:

Just create a free Trello account and you'll be able to comment on the cards shown and also to vote. Let us know what issues you have reported.

I would like to mention that the Trello board link above is for PWSweather site bugs and feature requests only. If you have a technical support need or problem with your station then you should create a new thread for help and/or contact PWSweather directly for assistance. This Trello board is only to track issues that stem from the website itself that affect everyone and not for personal support issues.

Currently tracking 29 issues that are bugs or feature requests (wish list items). Please join the Trello board and comment on these issues and how they affect you. Add other issues that have not yet been reported. And vote on these issues so that we can gauge interest.

Good news. I shared the Trello board with PWSweather and they were very receptive to seeing these issues in this manner. They said they could see using this to decide what to fix or improve on next. You must still report any new issues directly to them though.

A great benefit to the Trello board is seeing if an issue you are experiencing is something that hasn't been reported yet, or if it is a known issue. Still comment and vote on the issues and most importantly do report it to PWSweather so that they can see the level of interest and track the issues with their internal help desk system.

The cooperation and response from PWSweather has been very impressive so far. This new PWSweather has a lot of potential. What a refreshing experience.

UPDATE: Fixed Trello board so that anyone can enter comments. Sorry I missed that permission setting.

I'm having some fun adding graphics to the cards. This helps draw attention to some of the cards and helps to break things up a bit instead of just seeing a wall of text. It also helps to draw meaning and understand where the issue applies.

What do you all think?

I added a poll above. I'm wondering if this effort is worth it to anyone?


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