Author Topic: Jan 12,2020 Volcanic eruption in our Country Taal Volcano Seismic Records  (Read 1564 times)

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yes exactly on my Seismometer recorded at 1:03 pm, the Taal Volcano in Batangas in the philippines erupted and do Massive of Volcanic Ashes blow above 20,000 feet and created volcanic quakes captured on my Lehman Seismometer every after minutes covering almost my Entire Seismograph with massive Volcanic vibrations. that day eruption, my Seismometer recorded more than 200 volcanic quakes and until jan 17,2020 total of 782 volcanic quakes and 120 there ARE strong active quakes that DAMAGES resident's living within 14KM radius of volcano.

more than 20,000 familes in batangas forecedly evacuated and declared the area within 14 km danger zone as risk to return

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this record on my seismometer using raspberry pi, it took 3 days before the eruption unrest goes calm.
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