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WXSIM EWN-Style Script
« on: November 22, 2019, 05:37:36 PM »
i have an issue with Henka's WXSIM EWN-Style template and posted question on,64586.msg552372.html#msg552372, however not had any response, if the percent Precip is 20% on the current day (on the "Overview" tab it displays 120%). I have been through all the code however unable to find cause let alone a fix.

So just curious if anyone else has had this issue and if they may have found a cause or fix.
I have seen same issue on other sites over time. I could be wrong but it seems that when "Chance of precipitation less than 20 percent. Precipitation mostly less than 2 mm." the overview (precip) displays as 120% instead of 20%

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Link to page :

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