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Davis temp, leaf and soil station
« on: October 29, 2019, 03:32:52 AM »
Hi folks, before I start, please notice, pin one has lost its connection tab, still very much useable though!

Here I have my backup temp, leaf and soil station, I only had the board so I made a bodge up home adapted housing. It's Never been in use, the battery is original, unused, I also adapted the solar cover as that's for the main iss,  1 solar bank in use but I am sure you can put both banks into one, you would also need to come up with a mounting idea, I didn't get that far. You may just want to buy the original housing, up to you I spose, but it works and would last a couple of seasons before uv and elements have any effect on it, the front comes off like a normal tupperware tub., the wire entry is a rubber grommet.

I have been 100% up front, what you get is a brand new (as in not used) board in a home made housing, well over 200 if you wanted to buy one new. Yours for 100, I will cover UK shipping signed for, if you want special delivery that will on yourself.

Kind regards