Author Topic: For Sale.....Davis Vantage Pro Weather Station Sold!!!!!  (Read 755 times)

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For Sale.....Davis Vantage Pro Weather Station Sold!!!!!
« on: August 29, 2019, 01:52:03 PM »
Davis Vantage Pro Weather Station. Unit was working when I replaced it last week. It might not be perfect but I will do my best to tell you everything I know about it. I believe it to be about 15 years old. It is wireless. The integrated Sensor suite, also called the ISS transmits to the console via radio signal. It tells Temp humidity wind speed and direction rainfall, including rain rate. Barometric pressure and much more. I also have the data logger which allows the console to transfer and display on your home PC. The downloadable software will also allow you to transfer the information to the Davis Instruments site where it can be viewed by you or anyone or everyone else you choose. It is transferred via parallel impute. Many new computers do not have a parallel slot, so I am including a plug and play card to help make this complete. Now for the negative things. The pictured tri-pod is not included. I have pictures of the solar charge panel to show that I am not sure it is working. I have been replacing the battery in the ISS about twice a year. CR123.  I have good c cell batteries in the console, and the AC adapter that goes with it. The wiring for the anemometer has been cut. I have it re-attached with small wire nuts. Still works fine. I am including another anemometer, which is trying to lock up, but still has perfect wiring. Combine the two and save. There had been times when during heavy rain, some of the signal drops out. It returns a couple of hours later which indicates to me it might be in your best interest to disassemble and silicone the plastic housing the holds the transmitter board. Anything else I can help with I will be more than happy to. I just replaced it so I would have a brand new dependable version.  Every time I have tried to post with pictures it has never worked.  PM me with a cell number or email and I will send you pictures.  200.00 and I will ship for free.  This hasn't moved as of Dec. 1st.  Make an offer and let's see if we can find it a new home.
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Re: For Sale.....Davis Vantage Pro Weather Station
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PM sent
It is what it is

Davis VP2 (soon to be parted with)
WS-2000 on the way