Author Topic: Instructions to move existing, working webcam using FTP upload to new login  (Read 362 times)

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I have a few  ](*,) questions:

1. Are there any instructions on how to update my existing, working webcam using FTP upload to the new login process using the uploadKey?
2. Do I merely change the FTP login for my existing process or do I need to Add a New Device?
3. Under Member Devices, I don't show a key for my webcam but there's one for my PWS; do I use the PWS key?
4. Is this new login process stable enough for me to move now?

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  • Unfortunately there are no instructions.
  • No need for a new device. Just generate a new key for existing device. Edit and Save changes and key shows up
  • Do not use weather station key for webcam. There is no key showing because you need to edit and save for it to show up.
  • I think it is stable enough on just one of the 3 IP addresses. Same as its been for months. I've switched over to new key method and it works well enough
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One additional point to add to what @galfert provided. If you are using an FTP scripting program (WinSCP for example) the string becomes:

"open ftp://[yourcameraID(CAM1, CAM2, etc....]:[yourcameraKEY(the newly created Key Code)]" where both the ID and Key are case sensitive.

So far, my success rate is about 95% using the DNS "". My images will show up within 15-20 minutes of delivery, or sometimes be within 30 seconds, just the luck of the draw I guess. Using the DNS rather than a static IP seems adequate since you never know when Brutus will poop in server room.