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sudden error 12002 while uploading
« on: July 12, 2019, 07:04:42 AM »
Hi all,
Since yesterday i suddenly get an error 12002 while it tries to upload data.
Any ideas how to solve this?

 12/07/19 12:49 (Weatherstation) Upload of Data Upload Profile(s) 3  partially completed. See error messages below.
 12/07/19 12:49 (FTP) Error (12002) uploading file "index.html" to location "\".
 12/07/19 12:48 Error (12002) uploading file "index.html" to location "\". WeatherLink will reset the FTP connection and try again.
 12/07/19 12:48 (Weatherstation) Successfully uploaded APRS.
 12/07/19 12:48 (Weatherstation -> APRS address: APRS upload success.
 12/07/19 12:48 (Weatherstation) APRS string: xxxx Sea Level Bar: 1011.8  Raw Bar: 1011.4  R: 1.00046

what i tried
-reboot  :roll:
-run as admin just because you never know  :lol:
-manual ftp to the server, i could upload the file
-the files are being generated, just not uploaded
-the upload box gets gray while trying and remains gray for about a minute
-i found for 2 of the 3 profiles an empty file on the site, for the third one the last file remains there, so that's why i know it suddenly stopped working yesterday around 3 in the afternoon.
-it runs on windows 7, version 6.0.2
-wunderground and weathercloud plugins work.

EDIT: now i remember :lol: :lol: I got my modem replaced yesterday. I checked the logs and could find the gap. The weird thing is that after installing the new modem i got 2 successful uploads, after that the error started to happen.
Very weird! Could this be caused by my ISP?????
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Re: sudden error 12002 while uploading
« Reply #1 on: July 12, 2019, 03:16:33 PM »
I mailed my isp to ask for the log files of their servers of all my FTP actions between a bit before replacing the modem to some time into the error, hopefully they will give it to me so i can have a look at the real errors on the server side.
I doubt that it is caused by weatherlink, it ran fine for more than 9 years and just at the exact same time i get a new modem it fails?