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Weather34 Meteobridge Weatherflow Template
« on: April 13, 2019, 03:55:38 PM »
Here is the tested version specifically for meteobridge and weatherflow hardware is a slimmed down version from the original with less options mostly related to Davis hardware and is primarily just focused weatherflow hardware use.
Has the full lightning realtime count module not last 3 hours .
Has all the almanac features found in the original version once again taking benefit of the meteobridge software .
Uses mysql for storing chart data or quick easy route option using weather underground (weatherflow PWS must be uploading to weather underground) for those unfamiliar with mysql/phpmyadmin.
Uses the dedicated inbuilt meteobridge weather34 API not the weatherflow API

Tested over a 10 day period whilst reviewing some newly sent weatherflow hardware.
Has the usual forecast data options of darksky or weather underground.
Built on the same css framework of the original .
Includes latest jquery version 3.4 release seems somewhat smoother hard tell the gains or benefits but it works :-) .
Includes weatherflow svg designed hardware graphics

this is a non maintained version but good enough to release into the wilds available via GITHUB and for those in
the expertise of GITHUB you can use the benefits of the repository to discuss issues.

template available via new repository at github
*note it is not a maintained version and unlikely to see any changes for many months .

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