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ENSO / ElNino/la Nina script and Solar/lunar eclipse scripts
« on: March 06, 2020, 10:49:16 PM »

Im trying to create a data which I can monitor the Elnino/La Nina changes. Using of Ken's wxspace script (Thanks for ken's scripts)  in which for 6 months of study, it consist a script where it parses text files then it arrange them on a format you want. I try to use this to parse ENSO html data into text and using ken's assembly parameters and resulting this , I manage to arrange it however I dont know how to arrange them from descending arrangement to Ascended arrangement. and also I want this to create a Dial similar to Chandler fire index,instead of "Normal" - "Danger" indication, it  indicates from Neutral to El Nino side if 0 to positive number then if from Zero to negative number will indicated as La Nina.

I hope maybe ken could create this script if he have time, only this assembly of ENSO Ived make but cant do a DIAL meter which it is beyond to my knowledge of study, it is also important to me to monitor sea surface temperatures with realtime indication soon.

by the way to answer ken on my luftdaten page embedded to my Ajax-Dashboard, after ken viewing it in ?sce=view , well I did to add Sir Wim Van's Lufdaten html script to read its tags. I put them into include-once;(luftdaten01.php), just because I discovered when using this, the TAG names inside of the script can also be used to call on my dashboard as TAGS names in which I successfully put in my Air Quality Index on my dashboard but the problem is it is not automatically refreshed to view latest value ONLY whn my whole page auto refreshes every 10 minutes. becasue the AQI script of ken for rss_include is I think only for PureAir script an no Luftdaten script to it. Well I hope someday ken will created it so that AQI value will automatically updated once it changes in tag names, also for my ajax-dashboard including luftdaten Rss-AQI scripts, since luftdaten script of sir Vam data can acquire by parsing .JSON to use it into tags as I studying its script formats.
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