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Has anyone come across the people (there are quite a few) on YouTube who are obsessed with NOAA Weather Radio alerts?

They often have 10+ weather radios all plugged in at the same time. They set all of them to All Counties and All Events so all of the radios go off endlessly during the Spring and Summer months.

And they record all of the alerts and upload them to YouTube:

So they aren't really using the weather radios to get alerts that are important to them like we are, they're just obsessed with recording each and every alert for every weather event in every country they can get (!). I think it's tied into autism and obsessions but that's just a guess.

I'm kind of fascinated by their dedication to it- it must take a lot of time to track when alerts are coming in, record them all, and upload them.  Having my Weather Radio go off a half-dozen times an hour would drive me absolutely crazy, though!

And it's not just one person doing it- there are probably a good dozen or so YouTubers dedicated to doing this (maybe more?) so it's something a lot of people seem to enjoy doing.

I'm not looking down on them because hey, everyone has to have a hobby... Finding these videos actually inspired me to buy a couple of weather radios (I mean like 3!) and put them around my house (but mine are set to only alert me for my county and only for Tornado Warnings!).

In a way I actually think they're doing a good service by making people aware of what Weather Radios can do to alert people.

Also, a lot of them review specific models of weather radios which is helpful if you want to know what features a specific model has.
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