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Weather Station Siting and Boundary Layer Issue
« on: February 22, 2019, 02:59:50 PM »
I have a Davis Vantage Pro2 weather station with an RM Young Anemometer set up (mast is guyed).  I am encountering some boundary layer turbulent effects on the anemometer resulting on reduced wind speeds.  Currently, I have the anemometer about 23ft AGL and have tried to clear around the station.  The closest tree is about 20ft away, which isnt ideal, but the best I can muster for my yard (and tree isnt in the prevailing wind direction).  The problem is not with the trees though, I believe.

My main issue I believe is being on a decently large hill.  Currently, the anemometer sits on the edge of the hill before it plateaus to my yard (100ft elevation gain from min elevation ~500ft away to anemometer).  The slope of this hill is fairly high (about 40% grade near anemometer).  I believe my anemometer is in a turbulent zone of where the wind flow is being pushed up the hill.  This is apparent when the wind is about 10-20mph and the direction varies about 100+ degrees.  I would this to be tighter for near laminar flow.  I believe the hill is causing the boundary layer thickness to be fairly high due to the wind being pushed up the hill. 

I have a few options.  I can try and raise the anemometer another 7ft to be at 10 meters, I can move the station to a secondary plateau in my yard but the house will block the northern wind direction, I can mount on top of the roof of my house, or I just accept this as it is.  I do realize putting the anemometer (10ft) on the roof will introduce another boundary layer issue, but I am thinking this is likely the most viable option due to the terrain.  Anyone have any suggestions on how to mount?  I have attached two images showing the station's current location and a LIDAR image showing the elevation returns and topography issues I face.  Keep in mind with the photo, the anemometer is in the background and not the Downeaster Anemometer on the deck (look for the RM Young in the background...may need to zoom as this is a panoramic).

Here is the live feed of weather station data:

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