Author Topic: Video Review Request for WI-FI Weather Sensor Series [No purchase needed]  (Read 111 times)

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Hi, everyone

We're ecowitt and focus on weather instruments.:)
We have recently developed the WI-FI Weather Sensor Series, including the following:
1. GW1000 WIFI Gateway:
2. WH31 Multi-Channel Temp&Humidity Sensor:
3. WH40 Rain Gauge Sensor:
4. WH41 PM2.5 Air Quality Sensor:
5. WH51 Soil Moisture Sensor:
6. WH32 Outdoor Temp&Humidity Sensor:

We'd like to send some samples to people who might be interested to exchange a video or post+pictures review on our website/social medias.
All your good suggestions about the new products are welcomed and we'll try our best to improve the products.:)

Please PM me.:)

Ecowitt Weather Instruments at:
FB: @ecowittsupport