Author Topic: Problem Weather Display/Ultimeter 2100  (Read 1712 times)

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Problem Weather Display/Ultimeter 2100
« on: December 23, 2018, 08:58:38 AM »

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Hello friends I'm new here. I live in Salvador-Bahia-Brasil. Sorry for some errors in my English. I'm setting up my first meteorological station and I'm in trouble. I have a Ultimeter 2100 and a Werther Display softer (V 10.37R Build 05) that communicate via a USB Cable / RS232 at 2400,8e1n. All right when access by the hyper terminal Putty or Tera Term, a perfection between them. It happens that when I connect my WD to the 2100, when I connect them my station starts to send the data and the Wd receives them normally. Then I start to set my 2100 time, date, temperature, humidity, rain and wind. So far so good. It happens that when I adjust the atmospheric pressure to my region, the WD immediately stops and stops receiving the data. Dai I have to restart my 2100 and everything comes back again as described above. This only happens with WD. With Virtual Wearther Station this does not occur. Also using the hyperterminal Tera Term and the Putty does not occur. Has anyone had this problem here before or can you give me a light to solve this problem? Can this be any configuration in my WD? Very grateful and eager for the help of the meteorologist brothers. Strong hug to all!