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Uploading to Met Office on
« on: December 13, 2018, 12:55:13 PM » offers uploading to Met Office, in addition to others.   Recently, I decided to start uploading my data to Met Office and successfully registered with them.  But when I tried to enter my Met Office Site ID in the appropriate box on the page, I discovered it only allows 10 characters or less to be entered.  The Met Office Site ID numbers formerly were just 10 or less digits long, but now the ID is a much longer string of numbers and letters.  RainWise support suggested I contact Met Office.  I did and learned that it changed to the longer Site IDs in 2016 as a security move.  For uploading to occur, the entry box on the site would have to be expanded to accommodate the longer Met Office IDs.

Have any other MK111 owners experienced this problem?