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More clouds
« on: November 09, 2018, 10:57:11 PM »
Something about being up there with cumulus makes them even more beautiful.  Unfortunately one of the best series I've seen I had no camera and was before cell phones had much of a camera built into them.  It was on a trip from Kansas City to Minneapolis and I was a bit concerned the flight was going to be scraping the in-flight meal off the ceiling when we landed.  Much to my surprise, even without the pilots weaving around much it was incredibly smooth, with tall thin cumulus rising rapidly and being very colorful at sunset.  Again, I recall them, but can't give you a photo.

On the other hand, I got these on a summertime flight back from Las Vegas to Minneapolis, with this series being just before the Missouri River.

I've always dreamed as a kid growing up on a farm in Central Wisconsin watching summer cumulonimbus build ups that I someday would be in a jet to drag a wing through the bright white crisp edges, or maybe someday be an angel and walk along the tops of them looking down. 


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