Author Topic: The Reliability of the SHT-31 Humidity Sensor & What Psychrometer Should I Buy?  (Read 94360 times)

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After the last two days of rain, rare, heavy fog enveloped southern AZ last night. Didn't quite get to W0X0F (at least while I was awake), but very close. My SHT31 refused to get closer than 0.1F in temp/dew spread, resulting in 99% humidity for almost seven hours til 10 this morning. Not stating anything new, just wish it would pull that 100% trigger. This sensor is about two years old. Anyone getting consistent 100% out of newer ones?

With the WeatherFlow Tempest SHT-31, I hit 100% easily. With the Davis, naw. But I havenít used a brand new sensor. The last time Iíve texted Ryan, he told me Davis hasnít changed anything so the new ones would probably perform about the same.
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Harrumph. That's what I figured. Thanks. 

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Mine did but only for a short period after I installed new. Now 97% is the highest Iíve seen it since. Sensor is about a year old #-o

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The SHT31-7346-070 has been bang on for me.

Now we've hit the damper end of the year, it will go to 100%. November several times, and December. Quite a few 99% days too.