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WMR300 mixing and adding Davis extras
« on: April 04, 2018, 01:27:05 AM »
sometime ago last year i had to way up the cost of either using a wmr300 or a Davis VP2 . side by side almost identical in terms of rain,temperature sensor areas
in fact so identical it was obviously a clone .however optional extras for WMR300 were almost non existent so looking at the extras for the vp2 and initial cost the extras i would have wanted were almost the cost of the WMR300(built in data logger) alone the data logger/uv/solar component for the davis .

so i went for the WMR300 based on any reliable support would be non existent for either here in turkey albeit we have now a Davis reseller but im dubious of support experience tells me support for any electronics here is always at a cost regardless of warranty periods .anyway here is the first minor upgrade mixing the davis components with the wmr300 the aerocone .

next up will fit a FARS when it arrives .

i honestly say want a reliable weather station the WMR300 is certainly worthy in comparison of costs however if you want support and have support then there is no better than Davis in countries where it is available. brian

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