Author Topic: Weather Underground Web Cams Gone - SOLVED! New Way to Post your Cam!!  (Read 944 times)

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Good day everyone.  :grin: Since Weather Underground is leaving us weather station/webcam operators out in the wilderness, I've been researching other options.  I Happened across this link on Ambient Weather where they had posted alternatives to WU cams.  I decided to give a couple options a try and found that Lookr offered a free solution as long as you could post to a URL.  This is a world wide web cam posting operation.  They do have small ads that can easily be closed when viewing but I guess thats how they can provide the free service.  I used the URL to my camera and bam!  I'm up and running.  I posted the link in the status section of my WU weather station so my followers know where to go.  The good news is I've been communication with the IT folks at Lookr.  I asked if they could offer up FTP in addition to URL cam uploads.  The answer is YES,  if they get enough request.  They sent me 30 second survey.  If enough of you fill this out we will have free FTP uploads!  Here is the link: Now its up to us to make it happen.  Here is a link to my Cam.  I also created a quick free blog where you can embed your camera with the quick and easy to use Embed tool located at the bottom of the image.  It also offers time lapse for 24 hrs, 30 days 12 months, lifetime.  Really cool. Hope this helps you all get back up and running.

John Hartlove
Hardware = Davis Vantage Pro2
Software = Meteobridge 3.0
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Re: Weather Underground Web Cams Gone - SOLVED! New Way to Post your Cam!!
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I sent my request for the FTP. Thanks for posting