Author Topic: OS Sensors work with any other brand of base stations?  (Read 1906 times)

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OS Sensors work with any other brand of base stations?
« on: May 10, 2017, 05:07:06 PM »
I am new here and did do a bit of reading through out this section to see if this has been discussed before but I didn't find anything.  If it has been discussed I do apologize and would hope I can be pointed in the right direction.

1st - I purchased the OS Anywhere LW301 system last year hoping it should be a nice and easy way to collect and see the weather conditions at my house from wherever I was.  I had the typical problems with connecting stations and not getting the station to upload to the website etc.  In all fairness, OS sent me a new system and it has been working dependably since.  What I do not like is the way the data is presented on the interface on on the rain sensor.  It is in amount/hour with no accumulation for a period of time - for example the past 24 hours.  I also was hoping to be able to access the data on the web to then feed my own web page or WU.

In looking at some of the other base station options, it looks like there are some models that present the data as I would like to see them as well as logging to files for graphing or publication.  I called OS to see if they sell the stations without the sensors and they said that basically you pay for the station and they give you the sensors free which I found rather disingenuous.  So I guess they overcharge for the stations a significant amount.  I also would say why sdo we have to pay for additional sensors?  Anyway .... Other than Ebay, I can see no other options to get a base station only.

Which led me to asking the question for this topic -----

Are there other brand base stations which will interface with OS 433 Mhz sensors?  Or are there 3rd party options for going between the OS sensors and another base station?  Thanks in advance.
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