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Bloomsky API
« on: May 06, 2017, 12:20:53 PM »
Hi guys,

together with John Im trying to create a plugin for Meteotemplate which would allow direct updates of the db from the Bloomsky API. This was previously not possible because the units did not measure wind speed etc., but with the recent STORM/SKY units it is possible.

I read the documentation and based on that created the corresponding script. The documentation is not great and outdated, but we managed to get it working.

there are however two issues:
- the pressure reported seems to be incorrect - it looks like it is sending station pressure rather than sea-level adjusted one. It says it is SLP, but comparing it with data from WU for example it is not.
- major issue is the precipitation because it is malfunctioning and not zeroing at midnight even though it should be a cumulative value

We reported both of these issues to BS, but the person who got back to us replied in that very common manner, i.e. in a sense "yes, thank you for your feedback, we will look into it" and nothing happened...

Did anyone else tried to use the API with the new units?