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I saw both a Facebook post and on the CoCoRaHS blog a discussion about the value of having a NOAA Weather Radio.  Also in the post is a nice plug for
NOAA Weather Radio broadcasts are also available via live streaming over the web.  A group of home weather station operators, website owners, CoCoRaHS volunteers, and spotters have developed a web site to live stream NOAA weather radio broadcasts across the country. This will not replace a weather radio in your home since there is no alerting capability, but it is a convenient way to access the broadcasts for other parts of your state or the country. The list of stations also include three from Canada. Visit for more information and to listen to live streams.

Congratulations to Cutty Sark Sailor, codegod, sacreyweather, satcop, jmcmurry, and chappelledpc members who made a great replacement for streaming weather radio after WU discontinued their service.    =D>  =D>  =D>
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