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Re: Tornado Alert
« Reply #25 on: July 04, 2018, 07:41:51 PM »
See the video at the link. Nine miles away, my butt. This was in the open, under better conditions than these will usually see. Not near cell phone, etc.!Al2OT6PFWa6Ik0Sot9aUQ4RzAAFY

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Re: Tornado Alert
« Reply #26 on: July 04, 2018, 09:25:57 PM »
^^^ 60s sometime-- a "device was sold to turn a b/w tv into a color tv. It was quite effective. We unrolled the transparent plastic film and put it onto the b/w screen. The top had a subtle blue tint, the center area was kind of brownish, and the lower part was, to the best of my recollection greenish. Made The Honeymooners "pop"!

Re: Acurite Lightning Detector-- not bad as a counter. Whenever a strong storm moved through here I got hits in the multi-hundreds range. It also indicated a coming electrical storm in so far as the number of hits would rise somewhat proportionally to the distance and intensity. Most of the time. But not always. And then there's when my neighbor is using his chainsaw.......

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Re: Tornado Alert
« Reply #27 on: July 05, 2018, 08:45:49 AM »
^^^ 60s sometime while watching a black and white TV, there was a scene with a tow truck with the overhead lights flashing.  At one point I was absolutely convinced I saw the lights flash yellow.  It had to be some kind of illusion, maybe the way the room lights caught the glass of the TV screen at that point or something, but it sure was convincing.

That could have been latency of the yellow phosphor in the mix that made the "white" in "black and white"  TV tubes. Try this sometime. Turn off a fluorescent light, look directly at it, and close your eyes. Turn the light on. Then, simultaneously, turn it off and open your eyes. Depending on the tube, you should see a yellow afterglow. It works best in the dark.

Fun fact. "White" LEDs are really blue or ultraviolet LEDs with a spot of white phosphor mix painted on the light emitting die.

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Re: Tornado Alert
« Reply #28 on: July 05, 2018, 09:17:34 AM »
Back in the days of Dektol, stop-bath, and fixer, florescent lights were a no-no in a darkroom...they glowed after the switch was turned off.

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