Author Topic: A new way to pull data from Weather Underground and Upload it to PWSweather: PHP  (Read 4145 times)

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I loved an idea of a bash script by johnny2678 to move data from WU to PWS, but didn't have a constant ON machine having JQ available. What I did have is a web host, some PHP knowledge and desire to make it work without additional expense. So here is my version of a PHP script (link) which can be uploaded to practically any PHP compatible server.

After this file is customized by you and uploaded to one of the online servers with PHP support (some are even free)*, there are plenty of a free cron job (link) sites which would be compatible with your server. Google them.

Update: You can now use this script without needing to setup your own server, more info at

* Update 2: I noticed that some free web hosts use javascript in order to filter out automated traffic, exactly the kind used by periodic cron jobs. I've moved my hosted script to a full fledged host / domain so now you do not have to. The way the site works now is this way for a reason. I do not want to provide a way for you to store your credentials on the site and setup cron job for you. By doing this I hope to avoid issues with WU api.
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