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« on: August 13, 2016, 04:50:45 PM »
Looks like the next batch of kits will begin shipping to confirmed, paid requests this week!  I do not know the quantity available, and do know that some priority will be established, but it will take time to get through the >2000 'inquiries'... (who knows how many will actually follow through) last info I had was about 1400 requests for kits... Egon and his Post-Grad students at the University will have a busy fall semester, looks like, getting these things out...

...and you 'old timers'... drink a couple of bottles of 150 Proof Patience and be ready to help this influx of new operators
who may still have the impression this is a 'plug'n'play', 'it don't work like I expected', system that will run on a 500ma cell phone wall wart...

Before you ask, it has no Wunderweenie capability :-" ...
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