Author Topic: PWS_Dashboard will support AerisWeather and forecasts to replace DarkSky  (Read 106 times)

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I got questions about the end-of-live (June 2021) of the DarkSky forecast.
For those willing to upload to WU
=> there is already the WU-API 7 day forecast
For those willing to upload to PWS_Weather
=> the (for them free) Aeris-Weather (AW) forecast is now being tested at

If one does not upload to WU or PWS there is the forecast which  is ready now and included in this month new release. Attached a screenshot of the block and the pop-up does supply a nice PDF used as a separate page, example

Sadly both yrno and  AW do not have the same larger forecast-texts as DarkSky or WU.
Also both yrno and AW support only English language texts.  The dashboard-translation files will miss some words the first months until all sentences have been around.

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