Author Topic: Rare Reecom R-1630A? (it's the "A" that makes it rare)  (Read 1294 times)

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Rare Reecom R-1630A? (it's the "A" that makes it rare)
« on: December 01, 2015, 10:03:37 PM »
Bought a Reecom R-1630"A" on eBay. New. Works as it was designed to apparently, BUT, this version (mine at least) doesn't have the NWS All Hazards Alert logo nor label on it. It has S.A.M.E. but not "All Hazards" and the menus don't come close to matching the descriptions in the manual. The alerts menu is very limited, with only a very few alerts shown in the Defeat Alerts selections (or anywhere), and no menu to select Advisory, Statement or Warnings. We're under a freezing rain advisory and sure enough, no alert, although the alerts have been activated by the weather office. This radio only seems to be designed to respond to the most severe alerts. I did a search for info about this variation and it's a very scarce item it seems. No sign of it on the Reecom site, very little on Google. Just a few past items from eBay when doing a Google search. The display bezel is different too, narrower at the top with of course, no All Hazards Alert logo. Radio has the simple NOAA logo on the housing but only says NOAA Weather Radio. Lol. So beware, if the logo's not there, there might be a reason. Sangean CL-100 here we come.
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