Author Topic: Two issues running Weather Eden template with Cumulus MX on Raspberry Pi  (Read 1281 times)

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Since switching to Cumulus MX on Raspberry Pi the graphs on my site aren't being updated. Steve said he's pretty sure people are using the Weather By You templates with the MX graphs but he couldn't tell me the best way to do it. So I'm wondering if anyone here might know. I posted on the Weather By You forum also. The other issue is that the Feel Like Temp always says 0.0 and the Feel Like Temp (with sun) always says 255.0 but that issue isn't all that important to me whereas the graphs not updating is. What I think Steve meant is using his graphs with the WBY template but either way, his or the WBY ones doesn't matter as long as it updates. Any ideas? My site is at I started Cumulus 1 to update them but by now they are behind again.

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