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Something to consider
« on: June 29, 2014, 10:04:46 PM »
Back when I was in college in my under graduate studies, I had to take this class in Ancient World literature.  it was required and we did Plato and the crew. However, the professor went into the history of the times, government and so on so one got the idea of the why of the writings of the "ancients."

One of the things that I recall was that  there were great debates in Ancient Greece among the intellectuals on how many teeth a particular horse had. They would debate for hours on that topic.  No one actually was said to go and count the teeth, but for the sake of being respectful to the scholars, they argued.  Not much seems to have changed in many areas even today.

So,  this is where it gets to be a bit sticky, tricky  without being lewd, crude and not nice.  When I ask a question  I would like information if anyone seems to know the answer. When I get someone who can says " I had the same experience and I am still stumped as you "  or " I have the solution,"  that gives me an idea that I am not alone, or that there might be a solution out there.

Sometimes people have asked me a question, I tell them to contact the software author, company, the weather station manufacturer because they know the answer and from what I am reading, we have people speculating as much as how many teeth did the horse have and all over the place.   

What gets my panties in a knot,  I have been involved for a long time with weather stations and software, I am guessing back maybe to 1989 or so .  I don't know it all, in fact I know only what I experienced.  When I ask a question and I am not getting the answers I need and then ask for folks to stop responding and close the thread, some one  gets  their feelings hurt and feels they need to report me to the moderator as I am not nice, maybe even a knotch below snarky.

Or they well send me a personal message telling  me they didn't like how I responded.  I really don't care anymore.  I am almost 67 years old, I taught seriously evil children for 30 years in special programs. I survived, they survived, most are productive citizens today and those few who didn't , I am confident I could walk down their street and live to tell about it.

SO.. this train has a caboose.  If I said something that offended you, I am sorry.   If you said something that offended me, I am sorry.   The difference is that I don't have to go running to a moderator or anyone crying "he was mean to me and made me feel inferior" or something like that.

We all here have something to contribute to this hobby / profession/ research we are doing here. Everyone has something to offer.  No one can make you feel inferior, that is something you only can do.

How about we all act professional here, help someone out if they need it, don't jump on them because they didn't like your response and move on.   

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