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WS-2080 parts/project for sale...
« on: May 07, 2013, 11:57:23 PM »
Hello folks...

New forum member here, sadly did not find this forum until I decided to offload the remnants of my Ambient Weather WS-2080 unit and have since decided to go with the Davis Vantage Vue for a replacement station.

Regardless, my WS-280 began giving me fits a few months ago. Ambient took forever to get the unit tested and then they offered to sell me a replacement part for $29.99 which they said would solve the problems, but I declined. Therefore, I have a partially functioning unit left here that I want to get rid of.

I thought some of you here might be interested in it.

If I don't hear from anyone with a reasonable offer + the shipping costs in the next couple of days I will list it on eBay. You can check out my 100+ positive feedback rating (100%), here:

This equipment was all installed and used on the Oregon coast, one full winter of use. Non-smoking, no children home that takes care of their equipment. You can see photos of what is included here:

The telemetry unit and rain gauge are not included, since I shipped them back to Ambient and they wanted too much to ship them back to me (broken) and I was not interested in paying for their replacement options.

However, the rest was in working condition when I last had it in use, about a month ago (including the console). Everything you see in the photos related to the WS-2080 is included. One photo even depicts the actual packaging of the items in the box.

If you are interested in it, I would be willing to take a PayPal payment (next business day shipment) or personal check/money order (package will ship once those methods of payment successfully clear our bank) of a reasonable offer for the equipment + the $17 the USPS charges for Priority Mail + tracking.

The stainless hardware including short mast, wind measuring equipment, plastic parts, console (you can see it working in one of the photos, using AA batteries), manual, sensor cabling, etc. Everything sold as-is. This is not a fully functioning unit as shipped to you since a couple pieces are missing. However, it does contain several fully functional pieces, including a couple sensors that were working fine when pulled. The console did accept some data originally, just not rain data (which Ambient then blamed on a faulty telemetry unit or rain gauge) and synced successfully with WWVB every night until pulled and boxed.

It might come in handy for someone and thought you diehard fans/experts might wish for some of it.

Please let me know your thoughts. Since I am a new member of this forum, I did read the terms of use and saw nothing about prohibiting this kind of post. If it is indeed inappropriate, then I apologize to everyone.

Have a great evening...
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