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00593w going strong
« on: October 09, 2012, 10:04:21 PM »
I guess this is more for fun than Q & A but today I found an old Acu-rite 00593W someone gave me for my birthday 5 years ago. It hasn't had batteries in over 3 years and same with the sensors who's batteries were corroded.

  I thought the sensors were goners but curiosity persuaded me to try them anyway. I put fresh batteries in got everything connected and for the fun of it I placed the sensor next to the Vantage Pro2's ISS temperature and humidity outside.

  I came back an hour later after they had a chance to adapt. The temperature was right on the money to the decimal number and same with the air pressure. Humidity had drifted but that can be expected after 5 years. I'm shocked the temperature and pressure were so good.

A+ for Acu-rite!
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